Transparent to you and your business

The professionalism and readiness of our company results in stable and reliable supply. Our teams’ international education and expertise makes us leaders in the field of electricity.

Therefore, today we are your electricity supplier that enables you to be fully flexible and achieve a sustainable long-term development of your company.

As your possible option, we strive to offer you the most competitive and affordable prices on the market. Our knowledge represents your vision for building an effective and sustainable future. We exist for you, and it is up to you to join us on the path to a brighter future.

Business values

Energy Future Solution is working for the people of North Macedonia in order to introduce the application of new European and world electricity technologies and raise awareness for efficient use of electricity. Therefore, it is important to understand that electricity does not mean saving, but rather rational use of electricity while maintaining the same standard, or a higher one in industry and everyday life, and at the same time reducing energy costs for consumed energy.

Our Clients